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CUSTOM Harmonica Microphones.  


Classic Vintage Microphones for sale. Rentals available for stage and film.


Microphone Parts: Elements, Adapters, Cables, Plugs, etc.     (NOS) ASTATIC MC-151 CRYSTAL ELEMENTS NOW UP FOR SALE IN PARTS!


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Customer Comments:    (Dirty Dan gets mail...)

Dan, Got it last night.  Wow!  It's a beauty and a great fit in my hands.  I love the finish!  The case that you sent is fabulous.  I put the mic in and then put the cord/plug into the smaller opening and zip it tight.  That's a great design as it will keep the metal plug end from scratching the mic.  I really appreciate your throwing that in.  It's really great.  I can't wait to show them both off.  You have made me a fan and I will show off your stuff at every opportunity.    Tomball, Texas

Hey Dan, I received the mic last friday morning just before going to my job... There's no better way to begin a working day !!! (really, there's another one, but I can't tell....  ;o) I spent the weekend blowing in my new jewell , and it's hot !!!! Tonight will be my first gig with my friends at the studio, I'd like to be there right now !! Thank you for this beautiful job !!!      France

"hey dan ...just to let you know... i received that mic tonight...looks nice... the sound...  WOW!!!!!!!! thanks for the the little extra too! since my champ clone is in the shop, i used that mic thru a 1984 carvin 60xb head coupled to a 2X10 cab...It put every thing else I have ever used to shame...in all honesty your mic is the first "custom mic "i have owned..any other mic i owned has been a off the shelf unit.....I sure do know the difference now!! thanks a bunch!!!"    Clayton, North Carolina

"Hey Dan The EV638 arrived today - hurried back from work to try it out thru my blues jr - it's one hot mic - looks great and plays better - i'm very
pleased!! Don't want to drive the neighbours away so havnt really cranked up the vol. but ive got a gig on friday night so the timing is good and i'll
try it out with the amp turned up. thanks also Dan for the really good and careful packaging, the insurance and the surprise soft case! i hope your internet business goes from strength to strength - i'll look back again and check out what mics you get and let people here know about you too. all the best, mate Gday from Melbourne”           
Melbourne, Australia  

"Dan, The mic arrived safe and sound.
(Black Cat) I rushed it home from the post office and fired up my Champ. Dammit Dan... you sure as hell know exactly how to exceed my expectations. HOLY CRAP that's a gull durn BEAUTY!!!! WOW!!! What I heard was mids, and nice tones that sang to me like little angels. You're craftsmanship on this mic continues to be well above par. I can't wait to take on those "big boy" amps with newfound gusto. I have to say thanks again, and I am glad you're in my corner."            Austin, Texas (Repeat Customer)

Many Thanks for your help. You guys in the states are a great help to us harp players in the UK! Regards."    United Kingdom

Love it!!!!!! Thanks so much!" (Custom Brown Bullet)    Pelham, Alabama

God bless you Dan, I have another mic that has a short in the wires somewhere and it needs looking into. I will use the same box to send it to you. I am ONE mic away from having to adjust more than I want to. We have a 4 night stand this week in 3 different cities and 2 are in clubs we haven't played in previously. Except for festivals most any other time it wouldn't make any difference. I'm not a name player so it's not a big deal to you to have my mic to work on, but man it's a big deal to have my mic back. So thanks for working for me brother."    Daphne, Alabama (repeat customer)

“Dan, Great job on the rebuild of the mic! The turnaround was superb. Everything was professional. I will turn all my contacts onto your business. Thank you once again for all you do."    Daphne, Alabama

"And that my friend is exactly the way it should be done!!  Wish more people did... VERY much appreciated."    Quebec, Canada  

Dan, you are a good man! I got the mic yesterday
(Chrome JT-30), what a perfect valentines gift! It's definitely a keeper in the sense that I love it & I'm not gonna send it back! It looks like the dog's bollocks & it sounds amazing. It sounds sweet through my little transistor practice amp. But when I put it through a jcm 900 marshal it became a dirty beast! I've just been in a music shop & I put through a fender blues junior & i think that might be the one for me coz it does both sweet & dirty! Any way thanks again & i'm sure you'll be hearing from me again.  once I get an amp I'll probably want to start collecting mics! Thank you very much!"   Leeds, United Kingdom

"Dirty, The look is exactly what I expected, and was spot on.
(BLACK CAT Hybrid: PowderCoat/Chrome) The texture is good. I was leary, but it showed up and I like the grip. The black and silver is cool, and the chrome is shiny and tough. The best part is the gasket, so tight, Very Hot Element! You're right, no regrets there. Playing the mic tomorrow at the jam. Played it at the house last night. My Shure Green Bullet 520DX with a dynamic element is, lets say, on a sliding scale, a 7 out of 10. I think this setup is an 8 out of 10, maybe an 8.5. The element was crunchier and better around the edges of my notes. I was only playing through a small 9 watt amp, but it was noticeable nonetheless."    Brandon, Florida

"Dan- The mic arrived (BLACK CAT!).  Have had a chance to just compare it briefly (on a Silvertone 1432, in good working condition) with my 520DX and a Bushman Torpedo (highly touted on the internet) I got a few months ago b/c the green bullet's range with chromatics is so deficient.  THE IMPROVEMENT IS DRAMATIC! With diatonics, your mic has a deeper and fuller tone, better range at both high and low end. The green bullet sounds quite thin in comparison. (I am sure you are thinking--of course; that's the way it's supposed to be.) The break up is much better. Your mic both breaks up sooner and bigger yet preserves the integrity of the individual notes better. I don't have to blow as hard to get a certain breakup, and it responds more dynamically to cupping (and holds its tone better with a looser cup). What a tone! On chromatics, your mic's range high and low with chromatics is superior to that of the torpedo, which has a dynamic element and a wider published frequency response.  The difference is again the tone. The torpedo picks up the notes, but your mic delivers them with a fuller tone. The improvement is more noticeable in the lower registers, especially on a Hohner 64 chromatic. So now I don't have to switch mics when a song requires a chromatic. Lastly, the studio:  I initially contacted you b/c of the green bullet's poor response (thin, muddy tone) for a CD with one band.  I should return to laying tracks for this band next week, and I bet your mic will solve the response problems the 520DX showed.  For another group, I will lay a chromatic track tonight and I look forward to using your mic. Sorry to burden you with you this preliminary review of the mic, however enthusiastic, but I suspect you actually lilke to know how your work sounds. My reaction so far: GREAT!"    Salt Lake City, Utah

"Hi Dan. Just got the Fender Twin up to cooking temperature and have been playing about with the mic for half an hour. I have to say mate...it sounds bloody great! Good bottom end and nice crisp mids and the top octave of the harp sounds sweeeet, especially when I play some tongue block stuff. And comfy to hold as well. I've got a gig on Saturday night so it will get the full road test. Suffice to say though...I'm well chuffed with it Dan. You'll no doubt hear from me in the future. All the best to you!  Kindest regards, fae cauld auld Scotland." 
Galloway, Scotland 

"Hey Dan, She arrived!! Damn...it honks, growls, barks and sings!!! GOOD JOB!! It's very sweet! The tone is outstanding. The volume pot is in an ideal place. The paint job is great! I couldn't be happier!! I'll see if I can stir up some business for you. Thanks again, Dan, I really appreciate the outstanding job! It’s a keeper!!   
Roseville, CA

"Got the mic last night and I wanted to thank you t
he new connector and volume pot both look and work fantastic. Thank you for the re-wire as well. I had a chance to try it out and it is just what I was hoping for.  I am especially thankful for the volume pot and knob, it is nice and tight and feels solid, not loosey-goosey like some I have had done. It's very, very nice. Again, thank you for your time and patience with my request."   
Houston, TX 

Dan, I got back to town last Friday night and tried out the T3's. They worked really well. I was very happy with both of them. The JT30 looked fantastic too. The chrome job is great and the label will look good on the mic . Thanks again. I have a Shure CR shell I would like to get chromed and when I get organized in a week or two I would like to send it down to you if that's OK. Really great job and many thanks!!   
Lubbock, TX (Repeat Customer)

"The mic
(DETONATOR) sounds real, real good. I like the change you made to the cord connector, less bulky by not needing the XLR adaptor. Overall size is easy to hold and make a seal. Seemed a little slippery to hold until I got used to it. Nice to have the volume knob that I wasn't used to... now wouldn't want to be without it. I find myself being very careful that I don't leave it lying around... afraid some guy might think they need it more than I do. Good job!"    Seattle, Washington

"Hi Dan! Thanks for the update and the fast turnaround. Very happy with the JT-30, it sounds and looks great! I really appreciate you attention to detail."    
Anaheim, CA (Repeat Customer)

The paint job on the 200S was great! I played it last Saturday night and it sounded very good. I am keeping it in a soft bag to prevent any chipping, bearing in mind your comments earlier. I will send the T3 down as well if that’s OK."    Lubbock, Texas (Repeat Customer)

"You know, the colors look awesome! You guys are really the tits, I swear to God! ...and it is in fact, the perfect silk for this mic. You really nailed this one, brother! It's gonna be a lifelong business. Thanks again."    Austin, Texas                            

"Hello Dan, Got the custom mic cable you built and it works just fine. Maybe you could tell me why a new "in-store" cable -- an "amphenol 4 pin will not work?? Thanks again for getting our mic back on stage!"    Clairmont, California

"Thanks for the fast reply and the sweet deal!"   
Portland, Oregon

"Dear Dan, Your crystal is excellent! I put it inside my mic and recorded few of the songs from our new album with it. Very good sound! I'll try to send you a copy and a photo with the band. Our album has the lyrics in Romanian Language!!! so may sound a little weird for your ears!"   

"You did yourself proud again. Beautiful piece of work! You are a true craftsman and the chrome job is amazing! This one feels just right. I'll try it out this evening but, with all the good vibes, it'll probably jump right out of my hand!"   
Austin, Texas (Repeat Customer)

"Hi,  I got those three mics alright. They are all sounding good!  I been playing with T3 now. That is not so loud mic but I get really good sound with T3  and bassman when the volume is about 5-7. Thanks again.."    
Vantaa, Finland

"Hi Dan,  I mounted that baby into a Astatic 200S shell, and it's really a performer! Got a Argonne mic (the type, that Big Walter played) with a wonderful deep and clean sound, but that's a one trick pony. Your element, in comparison, is everything i need,  from clean William Clarke like sounds, really fat with double stops (octaves) up to screaming sounds, like Snooky Prior or Paul Orta, although it doesn't distort so much like a Shure Green Bullet with controlled magnetic element. Also it hasn't such a tendency to feedback like the Shure Bullet, it keeps quiet up to much higher volumes. Simply great! It seems, i'm addicted to Astatic crystal mics now, and although they are not sooo bassy like the Shure R7 they don't sound trebly, if they are good and tight cupped! So thanks once more for the deal - i'm giving "Dirty Dan's Mics" as a hint to my friends!"  
Zorneding, Germany
"Hi Dan, The mic arrived today and you did a beautiful job on it. I just tested it and it sounds great! I'll definitely be a return customer!"   
Anaheim, California

"I couldn't be more pleased with the custom JT30. The paint job is outstanding and this mic really wails!"   
Austin, Texas (Repeat Customer)

"Just Perfect. Thanks a million!"
    Basel, Switzerland

"Hi Dan, I love the mic but can't seem to find a good vintage amp to play it through."    Richmond, Virginia

"Fast Service and Great Shipping!" 
   Orion, Michigan

"Thanks again, Dan.....you're a fine & generous guy (& a cat-lover to boot!)"    
Winter Springs, Florida 

"Man, I love these elements. Now we're rockin! Thanks, Dirty Dan!"   
  Vista, California (Repeat Customer)

"Hey Dan, the mic
(DETONATOR) sounds fantastic!"    Dallas, Texas

"Hi Dan, Mic arrived today. I let it thaw out for a couple of hrs. All I can say is 'AWESOME'! This is without a doubt the best bullet mic I have ever heard. I knew within 30 seconds that this was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you & thank you & you will never be getting this back and nobody else will be gettin it either. This thing smokes with all my amps. A beautiful piece of work with the chrome & vol pot. I can hardly wait to record with it."    Ontario, Canada (Repeat Customer)

"Very fast shipping! Great doing business with you." 
  Atascadero, California 

"Just to let you know that I received elements and connectors in the mail today. Everything OK. Thank you!"
    Hoboken, Belgium

"Dan, Thanks for your great service!"
    Monument, Colorado

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