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ANATOMY of a Shure Brown Bullet Conversion

The conversion process for a Vintage Shure Brown Bullet from the 1940's...

Shure Brown Bullet Project side.jpg (31981 bytes)  
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PREPARATION: I originally received this mic from a long-time musician friend of mine. (Thanks, Sam!) It was pretty well worn out when I got it. Using high explosives, I finally got the shell pried open and found that it still contained the original 99-131 crystal element. Unfortunately, the element was toast although it did have a nice rattle to it. Shure Brown Bullet Project 99-131 open.jpg (46190 bytes)  I removed everything from inside of the shell.

The next step in the process was to sand down the shell, drill the holes for the volume pot and amphenol connector then prepare the surface of the shell for the heavy chrome plating that it received.

ELEMENT: After chroming, the rebuilding process started. I had been saving a very special Vintage Black Label 99H86 CR Element for just the right mic and this was the one. After installing a custom black silk behind the grill, the element was carefully mounted inside using a Shure rubber gasket. Shure 99H86 element front.jpg (32117 bytes) Shure 99H86 element rear.jpg (41409 bytes) 

VOLUME: I then added an appropriate Volume Pot with aluminum knob, the new wiring was installed and the mic was reassembled. Then the fun began... I got to test it! 

Shure BrownBullet chrome 6.jpg (37088 bytes)    (Click for full-size photo...)       
SOUND: This is truly one of the best sounding mics that I have ever had in my collection. I had a couple of pros try this baby out and the reviews were great! (Usually big grins!) It's a Monster! (and, of course, it sold quickly!)

But more are being built... 


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