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A note from Dirty Dan...
Business has been great and I've been lucky to build many custom mics for friends and harp players all over the world.
I enjoy creating the different mics and sounds but lately it's been more work than fun.
As Dirty Dan's name gets passed around to more players, I've had trouble keeping up with all the orders.
My customers are the best in the world but I've had to ask some to wait as long as a month to get their mics!
Patient as they are, that's just too long so I'm going to have to make some changes...

My day job is my main source of income (You'll never get rich building custom mics!) and it's taking most of my time.
Between that job, gigs and recording my new album in the studio, I haven't had a lot of free time so I'm not going to take any new orders for custom mics at this time. 

I really appreciate all the great players who have ordered my mics in the past and I look forward to hearing from many more of you. I wish you all the best! 

Dirty Dan Exclusive! The BLACK CAT!
Custom Powder-Coat Vintage SHURE or ASTATIC Bullet Harp Mic:
Custom Shure PC with harp.jpg (115102 bytes)  
   JT-30 BLACK CAT full.jpg (214949 bytes)      JT30 Powder shell.jpg (41030 bytes)  (Click on any picture to see full-size photo...)

Custom CHROME Vintage
ASTATIC JT30 Harp Mic or SHURE Bullet Harp Mic: 

JT-30 Chrome red.jpg (79603 bytes)
  (Click on any picture to see full-size photo...)   Custom Chrome Shure 1.jpg (71093 bytes)

Dirty Dan Exclusive! The DETONATOR! PICS & SPECS    ( SOLD OUT! )
Custom Vintage EV Harp Mic -  Vintage Shure CM Element.

DETONATOR 2005.JPG (98747 bytes)     Last of The DETONATOR
I built the last of The DETONATOR custom harp mics. I used the last of the special EV shells in my inventory. 
Thanks to all of you great people who ordered one of these special mics. You've got a collector's item!

Vintage "Brown Biscuit" Harp Mic.

Brown Biscuit full.jpg (112003 bytes)
  New Old Stock ASTATIC MC-151 Crystal Element installed (Very Hot!)  

Vintage JT-30 with "Black Fire" Custom Paint: PICS & SPECS  

JT-30 Black Fire 1.jpg (45330 bytes)
  NOS ASTATIC MC-151 Crystal Element installed (Very Hot!)

Anatomy of a Shure Brown Bullet Conversion:
Shure Brown Bullet Project side.jpg (31981 bytes)  ANATOMY


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