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(See "Parts and Supplies" for 1/4" adapters for these mics.) 

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EV 633 w switch.jpg (98038 bytes) EV 633 switch.jpg (83083 bytes)
VINTAGE ELECTRO-VOICE 633: What a beautiful mic, and just a monster sound! 
I've been carrying this dynamic mic around in my case during the Summer because I didn't want to take a chance of this Texas heat damaging the crystal elements in my JT-30's. I really love playing through this mic! It's truly a classic with the heavy chrome front and rear and heavy-duty grey plastic midsection where the on/off switch is located. Fully tested and 100% all the way. Hi-Z mic with 5/8" screw-on connector. SOLD!

Phillips full.jpg (73881 bytes) VINTAGE PHILLIPS EL 6014: Unusual little square-face mic from Holland that you won't see in anybody else's harp case. A high-quality heavy-duty mic made by Phillips, I have held on to this mic for years because I love the sound I get with it. Unfortunately, I can't keep all of my mics so you're seeing one of my favorites listed here. The mic is only 4" long and the grill measures 1 3/4" so bigger hands would find this one more comfortable. It has a nice long 10 ft cable ending in a 5/8" female screw-on connector (see parts and supplies for 1/4" adapter). It has an ON/OFF switch plus it also has a switch on the bottom of mic for setting high impedance or low impedance. Quality and great tone all the way! Only $159.00  

JT30 silver-grey1.jpg (49342 bytes) JT30 silver-grey3.jpg (39131 bytes) VINTAGE JT-30 WITH VOLUME POT: Here's a nice little JT-30 that came to me recently from California. This is not one of my custom jobs so I'm listing it under Vintage Mics instead of the Custom mics page. The Chrome grill is perfect and really looks good with it's black silk underneath. The grey shell is well-worn with no dents or pitting. It has a 5/8" screw-on connector. It has a Black Volume Control Knob, looks to be aluminum. Inside is a very STRONG and LOUD Vintage MC-151 element. The wiring inside was well-done with double grounding points. 
This mic sounds great!
(This will go quick!) SORRY, IT'S SOLD!

JT-30C full.jpg (64674 bytes) VINTAGE ASTATIC JT-30C CERAMIC: Rare CERAMIC-ELEMENT version of the JT-30 with the original ceramic element inside. This model has the classic Chrome grill with the grey shell (minor scuffs and scratches) and has a black silk behind the grill. Connector is 5/8" screw-on. It was made in the 1940's/50's in Conneaut, Ohio and is in great condition. The original element still sounds great! Price is SOLD!

Shure 76B lapel mic.jpg (67976 bytes) VINTAGE SHURE 76B: Lapel Mic with extra-long 25 ft. cable ending in 1/4" male plug. 
This mic sounds very HOT and is easily cupped in the hands (Only 1 7/8" in diameter). Price is only $139.00  

EV 638 full.jpg (53201 bytes) VINTAGE ELECTRO-VOICE 638: Another high-quality microphone from Electro-Voice. (Love these EV's!) This particular mic is completely covered in heavy-chrome plate with the classic retro 638 wire-mesh grill. Has the 5/8" screw-on connector. Very nice-looking mic with a great sound! (3 1/2 inches long, 1 1/2 inch diameter at grill) SOLD!

DD4652 Lside.jpg (28052 bytes)DD4652 Rside.jpg (28028 bytes)    Astatic JT30. (1940's/1950's Conneaut Model) Beautiful grey hammertone finish in excellent condition. The original element in this mic was weak so it was replaced with a NOS ( new old stock) MC-151 Crystal Element. Great looking, great sounding mic with a hot, new element under the hood! Price is SOLD!                                

DD1433 front.jpg (31237 bytes)DD1433 side.jpg (29184 bytes)    Astatic JT30. (1930's Youngstown model before the plant was moved to Conneaut.) What an ugly little varmit! The finish is pitted and rough but what a beautiful sound. I bought this JT30 out of Australia. It has an English element in it and it really wails. If you're a blues player, you'll dig the sound of this mic. 1930'S JT30: SOLD!

DD6226 Lside.jpg (63533 bytes)
DD6226 Rside.jpg (44004 bytes)   Astatic T3 Absolutely flawless! The chrome finish on this mic is brilliant, Like New! This mic is not only a work of art to look at but the element is strong and sounds great! Smaller in diameter than a JT30, this mic is easy to hold and seal with your hands. This mic is all-original and has an old-style 3-pin connector (not XLR). SOLD!

ev607a2.jpg (180078 bytes)    Electro-Voice 607 Hi-Z Mic. This particular EV is hard to find with the chrome finish and is the only one in my collection. The mic looks great and sounds even better. I've used this mic for melodic leads behind a singer but it will blast the blues when asked. Easy to hold and has a durable metal finish with plastic ring around grill. SOLD!

Shure 9824A.jpg (25436 bytes)    RARE! I'm Excited! I don't know whether to customize this little jewel or leave it all original? Shure "Brown Bullet" Crystal Microphone "Specially Designed for Recording" Model# 9824A Completely Original except for 1/4" Female Jack on end of cable. Excellent condition with the Original 99-121 Crystal Element inside and it sounds great! Just a few small chips in the original brown paint job. Very hard to find a mic like this in such good condition. SOLD!

EV Spherex 920 mic.jpg (13569 bytes)    Electro-Voice Spherex Ball Mic with 15ft cable ending in 1/4" plug. this unusual mic is easily cupped in hands and has a strong full sound also. The hook is detachable or I guess you could hang it on your belt loop? A great sounding harp mic! SOLD!

Astatic 335H-7 Mic stand cable sm.jpg (28094 bytes)    Vintage ASTATIC 335H-7. You would have to play through this mic to believe the sound it gets! One of the best little harp mics I've found! SOLD!

DD7350 front2.jpg (37576 bytes)   EXTREMELY RARE! Vintage RCA MI-12010 Bullet Mic (1940's?) with original rubber covered cable ending in 1/4" plug. This picture doesn't really do it justice because it's a beautiful mic to look at! Light brown grill with dark brown body and cream-colored silk. It's very hard to get this mic to feedback. Excellent condition and seldom seen! SOLD!


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