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This page contains vintage mics at a lower price for those who might be looking for their first mic or for those players who want a backup mic for rehearsals, jams or gigs. Lower price doesn't always mean lower quality. There are some great harp mics on this page... 

Astatic 335H-7 full.jpg (101839 bytes) ASTATIC:
A very dependable and great-sounding mic made by Astatic, the company that brought you the JT-30. This grey mic with chrome band and wire mesh grill is in excellent condition and sounds great! It's a smaller mic that measures 4 1/4 inches long, very easy to cup! The grill is square shaped and measures 1 1/4 inches. Comes with a 4 1/2 ft cable ending in a 1/4" male plug. You won't be disappointed with this mic!  SOLD!   

mystery1 full.jpg (60601 bytes) MYSTERY MIC: Small (4 inches long) wand-type vintage mic with wire mesh covering element, extra-long 27 ft cable ending in female screw-on adapter (1/4 male adapter INCLUDED!). The manufacturer is unknown. Small scratches on body. Very strong mic with tone that leans toward the high end.  Only $49.00  
Mystery solved?

Akai full.jpg (50966 bytes) AKAI DM13 DYNAMIC (NOS) new old stock! This is one of those great little vintage mics from the 60's era that I would keep if I didn't already have so many favorite mics. Very, VERY strong with great tone and I love to play through it. The mic itself is about 6 inches long with a 6 ft cord attached that ends in a 1/4" male plug. The grill diameter is about 1 1/4" so it fits well in the hands. It's a very sleek black mic with a chrome band around the grill which ends in a metal mesh. I think that I still have the original box that it came in also. Only $79.00  

VOM full.jpg (59457 bytes) VOICE OF MUSIC: I've sold quite a few of these mics to beginning harp players as well as gigging players who want a jam or rehearsal mic that is low-cost but still sounds great. Very nice-looking, sturdy, brushed-chrome body (5 inches long) with a gold wire-mesh grill (1 1/2" diameter). Tulip shape is easily cupped by small hands, even kids. It has a 10 ft long cable ending in a 1/4" male plug. Ready to plug in and play.  SOLD! 

Shure 575SB.jpg (52016 bytes) SHURE 575SB:  This Shure mic is equipped with an ON/OFF switch and comes with an 8 ft cable ending in a 1/4" male plug. This is a low-impedance mic that sounds great when plugged into my test amps. It measures 4 1/2 inches long and the grill is only a little more than 1 1/4" so it is easily cupped by the smallest hands. Great condition! Only $59.00  

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